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Integral was founded in 1969, with premises in Barcelona, in order to provide an Integral gamma of professional services in sectors such as industrial and commercial. Our first clients were the great investment corporations, located in middle Europe as well as some multinational German companies.

The development of the markets and the economy has featured the evolution of Integral in order to adapt the company to the requirements and needs of our clients.

The following dates show our professional background:

  • 1970: first Construction Management agreement
  • 1982: first Logistics Consulting agreement
  • 1987: consolidation in Madrid
  • 1987: Integral Contract, S.A. is founded, participated by Integral
  • 1989: first Project Management agreement
  • 1992: opening of the subsidiary Integral Limitada Lisboa
  • 1995: first Due Diligence agreement
  • 2004: opening offices in Zaragoza and Valencia
  • 2005: Imanagest, S.L. is founded, participated by Integral
  • 2010: Integral KM Ambientis, SL is founded, participated by Integral