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Founded in the end of 60s, Grupo Integral offers services of Consulting, engineering and architecture Projects, as well as Management in construction.

The origins of the organization are connected to the large investments that were undertaken by German multinationals in Spain during the seventies and eighties. Integral applied new methodologies as regards organization, design, management and works supervision, as well as Project and Construction management. Integral has also pioneered developing logistic consulting in organization and real estate for corporations.

Grupo Integral is an independent multidisciplinary organization which counts on a staff constituted by senior technicians specialized in management, structures, facilities engineering, architecture, logistics, planning, costs and Project and Construction management.

The organization distinguishes between those services of designing projects related to building and urban development (undertaken by INTEGRAL S.A.), environmental (by INTEGRAL KM AMBIENTIS, S.L.), management contracting (by Integral Contract, S.A.) and management in building, being leaders in industrialized construction (IMANAGEST, S.L.).

Since Integral was founded, the organization has an international dimension, shaping a network with the Agiplan companies, of German roots. This is a group made up by sis companies which offers technical services and integral management, having operational centers within six countries.

Nowadays, Grupo Integral develops services based on consulting and Project Management to any investment sector or real estate which needs value engineering.

Grupo Integral is an organization based in compromise.

  • Compromised with the creation of value to our clients. We consider we have fulfilled our professional task when we contribute to the success of our clients as regards their investment and expansion projects.
  • Compromised with quality, know-how and innovation. As our professional background shows, Grupo Integral has pioneered the application of management techniques, as well as offering management services to organizations which have outsourced their activities in construction which were not their core-business.
  • Compromised with the environment: from optimizing energetic resources to suggesting efficient energetic systems, sustainable systems and renewal energies, etc.